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Nano vom Grossen Tal- 9 months







My boys make me proud and happy......

The biggest and the most important rottweiler shows in China

5-7.10.2017. (over 400 entries)

Ch.Guru vom Grossen Tal - 23 months

5.10.2017. CKURK KS Show        V1-JCAC-CKURK KJS 2017

judge: Yvonne Bekkers (NL)

6.10.2017. CKURK Spe. Rottw. Show                          V1-CAC

judge: Tatyana Popova (RUS)


Ch.Blade vom Grossen Tal - 5 years

5.10.2017. CKURK KS Show                                       V1-CAC

judge: Yvonne Bekkers (NL)

6.10.2017. CKURK Spe. Rottw. Show                                   V3

judge: Tatyana Popova (RUS)

7.10.2017. CKURK Asian Show                                             V3

judge: David McKeown (AUST)








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CH. Reba vom Grossen Tal

s: Ch. Noddy Futogline

d: Ch. Orla vom Grossen Tal


Posha vom Grossen Tal

s: JCh. Meteor of Nicola`s Lion

d: Ch. Zarra vom Grossen Tal


 Bella House of Mandic

s: Ch. Lennox House of lazic

d: Xenia House of lazic









































































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